TMH Dance, LLCはニュージャージー州・パラマス、フォートリー方面で大人から子どもまでの幅広い年齢層を対象にヒップホップ、ジャズファンク、ハウス等のストリート系ダンスを教えているダンススタジオです。日本語でレッスンを行っていますので、アメリカにいながら日本のスタジオの様な空間でリラックスしてレッスンが受けられ、外国生活でストレスを抱えている子供達の憩いの場となっています。年に一回の発表会をチャリティーショーにし、ケニアでのADS 無料治療NPOや東日本大震災への寄付を行っています。ダンスを通して青少年の健全な育成を目標としています。また、各パーティーやイベントなどへのダンサー派遣、ワークショップへのインストラクター派遣も行っております。


TMH Dance, LLC is a dance studio mainly based in Paramus and Fort Lee, NJ.  We teach Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, House, and other street style dances in Japanese.  Our lessons are geared toward a wide range of audiences, ranging from kids to adults.  Every year we hold a charity dance performance called SMILE to raise awareness and donations for causes and NPO groups such as:


  • ILFAR - a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free AIDS treatment in Kenya

  • Relief efforts that support recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake



Our goal is to educate and inspire young minds through the art of dance.  Furthermore, our studio dispatches Japanese artists to events, workshops, and performances.



  • 2004          Founded Team Hirakawa Dance Studio

  • 2008          Registered T.M.H.Dance Studio as a                          company 

  • 2014          Rebranded company as TMH Dance,LLC


Company Name:TMH Dance, LLC

Address:47 Delmar, Ave. Glen Rock, NJ 07452


Director Miyoko Hirakawa

Miyoko began studying classical Japanese dance as a 4 year old and achieved her master’s degree when she was 21. Her love of dance grew and she continued to study various styles of dance.  As a professional dancer in Japan, Miyoko performed in musicals such as The Umbrellas of Cherbourg in 1980, as well as other shows on stage and on TV.  Miyoko moved to the United States, where in 2004, she established her dance studio, TMH Dance.  With locations in Fort Lee, and Paramus  NJ , TMH Dance Studio teaches Hip Hop and Jazz dance styles to people of all ages.


It was held for first time April 21st, 2007 by TMH Dance, LLC (Miyoko Hirakawa, Director) at Paramus Catholic High School as a dance and music charity show, and all the proceeds of $2,370 went to Inada-Lang Foundation for AIDS Research (ILFAR) and proved to be effective in proving free AIDS treatment for people in Kenya.


This event was held in 2009 and 2010 again for a same purpose. In SMILE ‘09 which was held in May 23rd, 2009 with participation of various guest performers, the event welcomed more than 430 audiences and proceeds exceeding $3,000 was donated to ILFAR. In SMILE ’10 (4/24/2010), Kume Sayuri, contemporary Christian singer from Japan, was invited as a special guest to the event, which received more than 500 audiences. That year’s proceeds of approximately $4,000 were again donated to ILFAR.


In the wake of Great East Japan Earthquake which occurred on March 11th, 2011, the proceeds of SMILE ’11 held on May 28th, 2011, totaled about $8,000. All monetary donations raised were offered to Ishinomaki Kodomo Club, a nonprofit organization mainly active in Ishinomaki city of Miyazaki Prefecture.


In the following year, from the proceeds raised in SMILE ’12 which reached $6,228, $700 were donated to Sakura 3.11 Project, and remaining $5,478 were donated for services of children living in Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture.


SMILE is a charity event in which students of TMH Dance, LLC, guest performers, and staffs contribute with what they can do in order to support those in need. It is a beneficial event for children’s and adolescents’ development, and support and cooperation from both businesses and individuals are increasing every year. Many of the audiences are looking forward for this content-rich event every year.




  • 2013       $7500 Donated to NPO On The Road at                     FUKUSHIMA

  • 2014       $3664 Donated to NPO ILFAR 
                  $2500 Donated to NPO Fukushima Shinsai                  Koji wo Mimamoru kai